Hejnice, Czech Republic (northern Bohemia), 50°52'33.305"N, 15°10'57.399"E, 375 m a.s.l.

The conference will take place in the former Franciscan monastery (now International Center for Spiritual Rehabilitation; located in the vicinity of the pilgrimage basilica in Hejnice, one of the most important baroque monuments in northern Bohemia. Participants will be accommodated directly in the monastery or in nearby hotels. Hejnice are located about 15 km northeast of the city of Liberec and can be reached by train or bus. Free transportation from Liberec to Hejnice on Sept. 23 (afternoon, 2 buses) and back on Sept. 26 (afternoon/evening) and Sept. 27 (morning) will be provided.
The venue of the conference, Hejnice, was one of the worst affected municipalities during the August 2010 flood in northern Bohemia, and experienced large damage to buildings and infrastructure. The flood affected lives of thousands of people in this region who had to be evacuated and whose houses were damaged. The flood damages as well as measures taken after the 2010 flood will be followed during a field trip.

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