Call for papers


Central Europe was affected by several heavy precipitation events resulting in floods in the past two decades, with enormous material damage and loss of lives. River basins in the Czech Republic experienced several large-scale summer floods caused by long-lasting heavy rains (including the two largest floods since the late 19th century in 1997 and 2002), flash floods from convective storms (mainly in 1998 and 2009), and the largest snow-melt flood in several decades (in 2006). These floods rank among the most devastating in Europe for the recent past in terms of displaced population, number of victims and economic damage. The August 2010 flood in northern Bohemia, in the region where the conference takes place, was the most recent severe flood associated with extensive material damage (exceeding 300 million EUR in spite of relatively limited spatial extent) and loss of lives.

The frequency of precipitation extremes and flooding in Central Europe in the past two decades by far exceeded the “long-term average” frequency and was very unusual in the context of the 20th century. The question whether climate change will affect patterns of precipitation extremes and floods in this region is therefore particularly appealing.

The conference will bring together scientists working in the fields of meteorology, climatology, hydrology and mathematical statistics. Presentations in which these fields of research interact are particularly welcome. The aim of the conference is to exchange new ideas and advance our understanding on causes of the recent precipitation extremes and floods and their changes in time, including climate change effects, and to promote applications of advanced statistical models for estimating probabilities of precipitation extremes and floods in a changing climate.



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